Yes, fat girls can run when waiting.

Watch out Uasin Bolt, I will give you a run for your money.

I am waiting.  Every second, Every minute, Every Day.  For what?  A call from the surgeons office to give me a date for my weight loss surgery.  I have been waiting since early October.  I had a appointment with the surgeon but it ended up being the Surgeons Doctor assistant.  A young guy, very nice and polite but very fast talking and moving.  Almost seemed as if he had one to many energy drinks but he was great non the less.  He glanced over all my charts and test results and also asked to see my scars from a past surgery.   He says the scars may cause issues and I might have to have the Sleeve instead of the Bypass.  I am hoping for the Bypass but I understand if it is the Sleeve in the end.  I am just ready to move on and get this Started.

I have way to much time right now.  I resigned from my stressful job back in early July to enjoy a few months off and then in September go back to school full time.  I have wanted to pick up a skilled trade for along time but I always scared, nervous and hard on myself.  I have never been very good at ‘School’ but the time finally seemed right.  Yes all jobs have some level of stress but I found this one very much so.  When you are in charge of people it is hard to find a balance between making your employees happy and your company happy.   No matter how much I seemed to give it was never enough.  I would arrive at work a hour early and leave a hour late because I want things correct and I truly care about the people that worked for me.  It was a good learning experience and I met some incredible people but it was also to much.

So it is November and I enjoy my summer months off and now school started and I completed two classes so why do I have to much time?  22 schools in Ontario who have a teachers union decided to go on Strike.  Ironic huh?  I decide to go back to school after 26 years of being away from it and half way in the semester they decide it is time to strike.  I understand why and I agree with some of their concerns but what timing!  It is my luck.   So needless to say I am at home waiting for the other big thing going on my life.  The surgery and my other new start.  Laugh, if you like but I turn my ringer all the way up before I go to bed and in my sleep I think I hear it, wake from a dead sleep and look at it.  Nope just my mind wishful thinking.   It is enough to drive you crazy.  The lady at the office said she would be calling people in the end of October to schedule people for November and December.  It is the last day of October, Halloween.  My phone has been stuck to me more then bra and underwear. I take it every where, the bathroom, outside for yard work, I do not play the radio in the car so I will not miss the ringing.  Being a big girl I do not run much but you should see me sprint if I hear the phone and it is in another room.  Yes, fat girls can run!  I feel like I could be a Olympic sprinter.  Watch out Uasin Bolt, I will give you a run for your money.

Some one please make them call.

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