OptiFast with the smell of hotdogs

One shake, two shake, three shake, four.

Image result for my Optifast shake

On November 4th I started my OptiFast Liver Diet.  If you have ever tried a Juice fast this OptiShake thing is cake, well not really but that would be nice too!  The OptiFast is designed to shrink your Liver and the fat around your liver and stomach.  Although my liver was not fatty they wanted me to do this temporary diet for 3 weeks.  The Administer thought this was odd but we will go with it!  What ever it takes for it to go smoother and easier for the surgeon I am game for.

The Optifast Diet plan could be different for everyone.  You medical team might want you to do something different.  Mine consists of 4 Opti shakes a day (taste reminds me of Carnation instant breakfast), 2 liters of water (atleast), 2 cups of raw veggies such as Cucumber, cauliflower, broccoli.  Some people have told me 700 calories are not enough.and they would be correct but this is not a life diet.  This is a ends to a means and temporary.  I am curious to see how much weight I will lose in the next 3 weeks.  Some people only lose 5 pounds and some lose 20 pounds!

So as I sit here drinking my shake and water until I feel like my eyes could float out of my head at any moment, my family is up stairs cooking Gluten Free Hotdogs, baked potatoes and salad.  I will go sit with them as they eat and drink my shake because I enjoy our dinner table time.   We chat about the day and plans for tomorrow.  Sure it will not be easy but worth it.

Side note:  Yes, I am hungry. Yes, when I woke up this morning I wanted a small Halloween candy Hersey bar.  Yes, I am waiting to eat my cucumbers to eat until right before bed because I have a hard time sleeping when hungry.  Hell I have a hard time sleeping period(another story for another day).

Over all my second day of OptiFast has been much better then I expected.   After reading horror stories I was nervous but this is not bad at all!  I am happy hungry girl which is better then a angry hungry girl.



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