Pre-op and Jealousy

I woke up bright and early to make the 2 hour drive to my Pre-Op appointment and my last group class after.

7am – up and showered after 3 hours sleep because I was so excited I could not turn my brain off.

8 am – start my drive

10 – waiting in the lobby for my 10:30am Pre-op things are moving fast.

10:25 – I see a nurse and she goes over a number of forms they had me fill out and to be ready.

10:40 – she moves me to another lobby area to see the pharmacist.

10:55 – I see the pharmacist and we go over all my persecution Meds and supplements.   She tells me three of my meds which is all I have, I will need to bring with me and the hospital will not provide them while I am staying there.

11:05 – the pharmacist tell me to go to another waiting lobby.

11:10 – the nurse comes back for me and she preforms a ECG on me really fast and I am back out.  The ECG is slightly uncomfortable but at least is was a lady.  You are required to take off shirt and bra while they stick stickers all over you.  I offered to lift my breast ofr her but she said.. “nope, I have been doing this for years.  It is fine.”  I was honestly asking more for myself then her but it was fast.

11:15 – waiting in one of the many lobby again.

11:30 – I am in a private room with the anesthesiologist.  He is nice and sales I am assigned for the bypass but a side note for sleeve if a bypass is to difficult. He goes over my meds with and tells me what I can take and what I can not take the morning of the surgery.  Luckily I am not on and blood pressure meds so all of mine can wait.  I want him that the last time I was under general anesthesia I woke up vomiting with in 10 seconds.  He said they would give me something for nausea before and after surgery.  The idea of vomiting right after stomach surgery scares the heck out of me.

11:55 – I am back in the lobby but two minutes after the nurse grabs me again.  She goes over final details.  What time the surgery is and when I need to be there.  When to stop eating etc.  No jewelry, no nail polish, no makeup..etc  She send me to blood work lab.

12:15pm – I am waiting in a lab with many other people.  These are people of all different sizes and ages.  Some with canes, wheelchairs, walking and even children.  There is one of girl who is there for WLS as well.  We chit chat about our surgery dates, surgery types and how long we have been waiting for this day to come.

12:40 pm – They take 4 tubes of my blood with the first stick.

1:00 pm – I am waiting in the main lobby for my last group class to start at 1:30pm.

1:30 pm – We are led into a room with out tables.  I am fortunate that I can walk on my own and I only bring this up because so many were in wheelchairs and barely able to use canes.  I just feel grateful that I am able to bring myself, care for myself, wash myself, lift myself and wrack my leaves.

The class was just like the first one I attended but they added some content about the care after the surgery and what to expect.

One thing I found interesting is that everyone that is on the liver shrinking and OptiFast is told something different.  Some are told they can have 1 cup of raw veggies,  some are told they can have boiled chicken, some are told they can have full salads and some are told if they finish Opti Fast before the surgery they can have a regular healthy diet.  I seem to have a more stricter surgeon which I am torn about.  One side is jealously since I am drinking my four shakes and 1 cup of raw veggies a day.  Second is that my surgeon must want me to be very strict now so I can have more success later and at the time of the surgery.  Taking the good with the bad.

The mind of a food addicted is odd.  Upset because someone gets to have boiled chicken and I cannot.  How silly is that!


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