Ikea and Swedish Legos

I love Ikea.  When we moved into our new home 4 months ago we purchased many pieces of furniture and some lightening.  Luckily my husband is amazing and can run electric, plumbing, gas lines, tiling and so many things..  he is a wizard.  We gutted this house and built it all back new.   I also made a deal with my daughter, I will buy the furniture if you put it together.  Fair deal I think and she agreed.

We went back yesterday because my husband also uses the lights from Ikea for fish tanks.  He picked up some lights and I picked up some cute Christmas bags and Ornaments.  Yes, I agree it is a bit early for Christmas but I feel as if I have a excuse since I have surgery on November 22nd.  I need to get every thing done and set up so I do not need to work so hard later.

BTW I love Christmas.  I have some family members who are bitter about Christmas but for me…  it is full of memories and wonderful times.   There are ups and downs in life but Christmas was always so grand and I look forward to it every year.  I do not have any little ones around anymore but I still get lost in the music, smells, lights and colors.

When I was little I would dress like a angel and be part of the Christmas Eve, candle light services.  My Mom-Mom (grandmom) would dress me up in a new pretty dress and new dress shoes every Christmas Morning.  My 6’4  Pop-Pop (grandfather) would put me on his lap or shoulders during the Christmas pageant show so I could see.

Yes, I loved all the goodies that go with Christmas as well.  Two nights of cooking goodies to give out to older family members and older friends who might not get out of their house often or none.  Then the Christmas Ham and all the warm yummy sides. I loved  the egg nog and hot Coco stirred with a candy candy or cinnamon stick.   Christmas Eve Peanut Soup, a colonial soup we made a family tradition.   The traditional Christmas Morning Egg Casserole with Italian Sausage and Coffee bread on the side.

This year when all the yummies come around I am hoping I will not be as drawn to them.  I will be post surgery at one month and a few days.   There is no way I will be able to eat them but I am hoping the surgery has the effect on me as it does some others.. loss of the hunger feeling and appetite.   The idea of eating anything after surgery already scares the bee-geebies out of me.

At the end of the day…  It was a nice after noon with lots of walking.  Today’s goal is to put up the new pencil Christmas tree I purchased from Michael’s.   We down sized when we moved in our new home and I needed something smaller and the pencil trees are the trend right now.   Here is hoping it looks ok.


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