Hungry Dreams, Drunken Bunny Hops and Wet Willies

What do you do when you dream about food!?

I had a dream I was ordering ice cream cones.  Every time I would be handed the cone with three large yummy round balls of ice cream some kids in hockey full gear would come out of no where and knock it out of my hand and then play street hockey with it.  The kids would slap around my beloved ice cream all over the street before I could even get in one lick!

Of course I wake up in frustration and then I have to go to the bathroom for the 100th time that night because I am drinking so much.  I feel like I spend half the night trying to navigate my bed room in the dark to the door.  BTW having to go to the bathroom when you have been drinking tea, water or etc is much more intense then drinking soda.  You have more of a sense of urgency and less time to get there so you are kinda hopping down the hall way like a drunk rabbit.

Then there is another dream.  I have a large wedge of cheese in front of me. I get  distracted me from eating it so I need to step away or..  (this is weird) my eye sight goes  fuzzy and I cannot see so I am feeling around the table for it.  When I finally find the cheese or I come back a LARGE mouse is dragging it away and down to my basement.  WTH!  Then I wake up…and need to take another drunken bunny hop down the hall.

All in all yesterday was a great day though.  Opti was much easier.  I am getting to sleep easier without hunger pains if I blend the last shake with ice before bed.  I know I mentioned I was not sure if I cared for it that way but it does make my stomach feel full.  WARNING: it does give me brain freeze..  yes seriously.  I used to get brain freeze drinking Timmies frozen lemonades with a straw but these shakes give me brain freeze with out a straw..  oye vey!   My husband was laughing at me.  It made me realize that after surgery I need to SLOW down.  He says this is good practice for me.  Then I give home a Wet Willie.   That’s the kind of relationship we have.

My sister in law and brother in law also came over to see the new-remodeled diy kitchen we have finally finished.  It was great sitting them and my sister in law brought over some fat free hot coco for me to enjoy but it still has 8 grams of sugar in it plus sweeteners,  40 calories.  I do not think I will be able to enjoy it guilt free with that much sugar.  She had the gastric bypass done 10 years ago and she is one of three people I I have support.  She still struggles and has gained back half of the weight she lost but she knows why and its a personal struggle for her.  She is still very glad to have done it.

This evening I have more guests coming over.  I am trying to keep as busy as possible.  It makes it easier to get through this OptiFast.  When the family has dinner I am going to go shopping for a few odds and ends I need before the big day.  Time would fly by if school would start again but that would have to mean the teacher union and colleges board would have to work together.  The teachers strike goes on.

Everything happens for a reason.




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