OptiFast and Tinzaparin shots, oh my!

First let me say OptiFast is sooo much easier.  It was easy in the beginning then it got really hard for three days.  Now it is even easier then it was the first few days.  I am not sure if I was detoxing from the lack of carbs?  Or was it caffeine withdrawals?  I loved my Coke Zero but I cannot stand Coffee.  Coke Zero was my pick me up and my best friend in the morning.  Real healthy huh?  (rolls my eyes at myself).  Either way I feel much better and back to my happy go lucky self.  Also, I am down 15 pounds since I started the OptiFast.  That is 15 pounds in 11 days.  I am shooting for 20 pounds before the 22nd but I am happy as is.

My daughter and I went shopping to Costco, Shoppers (2 times), Walmart, GNC and Michael’s.  I think I am almost ready to nest inside for a month if needed.  At Costco I picked up enough Premier Protein shakes for a month and some TP to last for a month.  Hey TP is important!  I do not trust my husband to buy that kind that does not stick to you.  That task cannot be trusted to man  Sorry guys, you just don’t get it.  I also went to shoppers and they had smaller Premier Protein packs on sales for 8.99 so I picked up those and a vanilla pack.  I also picked up my Depo Vera shot. I take this for period symptoms only.  TMI alert – My bleeding would get so bad at times I would feel faint.  At this point I had a ovary removed, my tubes tied and my husband is tied up as well, so we like to joke that if I ever for pregnant  it would be a miracle from GOD himself.

I also picked up from shoppers my Tinzaparin shots.  These are to make sure you do not get blood clots after surgery.  I have to take these once a day after I return home in the abdomen area.  I give myself shots in the leg and arms but I have never done the stomach area!  ACK!  I am having a friend come over to do the first one and I will do them after that.  I keep telling myself a lot lately…  “Suck it up princess!”20171114_162245

I am a planner.  I like to be spontaneous as well but I love to plan and be ready as possible for the big scary things.

I also orders some different Popsicle makers because my cheap plastic ones keep breaking.

A week and a day to go.  Love dainty white socks!20171114_110427

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