OptiFast Cheating, Endoscopy, Day 13

I have been on OptiFast for 13 days now.  I am somewhat disappointed even though just the other day I was happy with it.  This is the life of a over weight person.  We like Miracles.  I have lost 16 pounds so far.  This morning the scale said 300 pounds.  That’s 2 pounds per days.  I should be thrilled but I am not.  I want more. I want it faster. I want it to just melt off.  It took many years to get where I am and I will have to realize I cannot undo years of hard earned fat to come off in a few days.  I was hoping for a 20 pound loss before surgery and I still have 5 days to achieve that.   It is very doable.

I did have a weak moment.  Two nights ago my sleep was horrible do to my own fault.  I am on a prescription antacid just until surgery day because just a month ago I found out I have Celiac disease.  Celiac Disease is the intolerance of Gluten in food.  I knew I was always very uncomfortable after eating but I assumed everyone intestines felt like that were being twisted after eating.  WHO KNEW!  I only found out because of my stomach scope.  I need to take these pills to make sure my stomach is as healthy as possible for the surergy.  Makes perfect sense!  But….  they look a lot like my Restless Legs Meds.   I mixed them up it was crazy.  I was up all night and it is the MOST frustrating thing ever.  If you do not have restless legs I am SOOO very happy for you.  I would not wish it on anyone.  I took three antacids over the night trying to calm my legs so I could sleep by MISTAKE!  I was going crazy trying to figure out why my meds were not working, they always work.  I finally figure out I was taking the wrong stuff.  First time ever I have done this..  so my stomach was very happy but my legs were miserable.

The point of this is..  I was miserable, hangry, exhausted, headache and over all yuckie.  At 7am with no sleep I went into the kitchen and started looking in the re-fridge.  I knew what I was doing and at that point I did not care.  I looked for the lowest fat and sugar free thing I could find.  Cottage cheese was the winner.  I ate about a cup and a half.  That was 3 grams of fat.  After I gobbled my cottage cheese and laid back down I finally fell asleep 30 minutes later.  I woke up at 11am and I was surprisingly guilt free.  There are many other things I could have eaten that would have been worse.  If that was the worst thing I do in 3 weeks I am proud of myself.

My daily diet is:   Three OptiFast Shakes, dinner of raw veggies with low fat dressing, a Aquafina or Vitamin water a day, a big glass of Crystal Light Lemonade and a Tim Horton’s Green Tea with 3 sweetener.  I have never Pee’d so much in my life.

Recap:  I cheated and I am ok.  I will never mix up meds again.  OptiFast is so much easier.  I am 16 pounds down and I am trying to be happy with that.


Spotted Sock!20171110_141618


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