Dirty Deeds on OptiFast.

Last weekend my daughter purchased some donuts and brought them home.  Normally they do not last two days but this time no one was eating them.  Not one was gone and today was a struggle.  I slept most of today to try and get through the day but I could hear these donuts call my name constantly.  I could picture them tucked away in the cabinet and the crazy thing is I am not a high sugar eater.

First thing I did when getting out of bed was go to the calling donuts, open the box, dump them in the trash and then pour dish washing liquid all over them ion the trash.  YES, it was that real of a struggle.  It was odd though because it was just those.  I am not craving anything else.

Once that dirty deed was done I did go out a little today.   I scoped out fit 4 less gym to see if it was something I would be comfortable with and I think I could totally do it.   No trainers which I am not afford right now anyway.  They have classes but they are led by videos which I like better as well.  We will see after I recover.

I have made some Crystal Light Popsicle for my two days of fluids only.   I am stocked up on Broth and Jello as well.

I have way to much time on my hands to think.

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