So disappointed – canceled

Today was suppose to be my surgery day.   The day that my life changed.

I received a call from the surgeons office yesterday at 1pm saying all the beds in the hospital were full.   They were closing the OR unless it was life threatening.  They re-booked my surgery for Dec 7th.

I have a mix of emotions about this.  One I was numb.   There was nothing no one could do.  Two I was upset because this will mess up my college schedule and I will miss at east two classes.  Three I felt that they had let me down to no fault of their own.   No, no one said let’s stick it to Penny but I felt they had and at the time time I understood.

The poor girl who had to call and tell me was so upset and sad to have to tell me that I felt bad for her.  She was kind and explained everything well.   Yes these two weeks will fly by but I feel I already did my two weeks..  Three weeks…

Oh well I am fine really and there is much worse things in the world.  I am still grateful for this opportunity in 2 weeks.   I will keep doing my Optifast and add low fat and low carb dinners.

I was at a family members when I got the call and on my home I had to drive by 3 McDonald’s.  My brain tried to reason with my belly that it’ Ok to have a chicken  sandwich.  I had worked hard and this wasn’t my fault.   But I resisted.  I made a ton of fat free pudding this morning.   I made more crystal light pop’.

So far I have lost 21 pounds in 3 weeks.   I will stay focused and I will stay the course.   I will not undo what I have done.  I will walk and nap often.  Lol

I am posting this from my phone.   I will recheck it for the many errors later.

I am human and I will struggle and fall but I will always get back up.






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