Keeping Busy and MOVE

I cannot even explain the mix of emotions the last two days have been.  I need something to keep me busy.  I have cleared everything off my calendar for a month so make sure I could have a smooth and quite recovery.  Now they they pushed it back two weeks I have nothing to do but sit here and think about it.  And I have been doing just that, nothing but sitting around feeling sorry for myself which does not get me anywhere.  So today I am on  a mission to get busy.

I have been meaning to touch up my basement bathroom.  The door frame and base boards are black and have been since we bought the home.  I am going to pull those off and paint them white.  I am also going to ask my wizard of a husband to help fix the bathroom fan.  It sounds like a freight train coming through the house.   I am hoping for a new door for the bathroom as well.  The one on it is ok, but old and a odd off white.

One of my Christmas present from my husband I had asked for a gym membership.  I was going to wait to sign up for about a month after my surgery but I am going to start it early and get out of the house.  Just because my surgery was stalled does not mean I cannot still work as hard as I can to my end goal.  Yes, I am on Optifast and eating my one low fat meal a day but I need to start moving more then simple walking.

So operation get moving again has started!   So get off my arse and move!



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