Round Two, Surgery Tomorrow

I have no posted in awhile because I was becoming consumed by this surgery.  Yes it is serious and needs much though but I have been doing that for the last ten years of my life.  I got to a point after they pushed by my surgery that all I did was think about it.  I needed to refocus and I did just that!

On OptiFast I have lost 32 pounds.  I am excited about that and I can tell in some smalls ways.  Underwear is loser and pants that I used to have to tug up now slide right up.  It is nice to see a difference even if it is not much.

I went out to dinner with some friend a few days ago and they asked if I had already had the surgery because I looked great.  That was nice of them and made me smile.  I do not see it in myself yet though.  I think that is normal from what I have read.  I promised myself I would not look at any side by sides until I was at least one month out from surgery.

The last two weeks I also had my husband hide my scale until last night.  Some people love the scale.  I hate it.  Hee hee.  It is not my friend on  daily basis.  I am very hard on myself like many people who are over weight are.  I also do not plan on weighing myself until One month out from surgery.  I know from reading forums people GAIN weight the first week because of swelling and all the fluids they give you in the hospital.  So I will be asking my husband to hide it again.

I am packed and excited but I am also much more mellow then I was the first time (surgery was canceled and pushed back).

16 hours we leave for the 2 hour drive to the hospital  I doubt I will sleep.

I will be making a long post about my surgery day and hospital stay when I return home.

I miss food but even more I miss being thin.  That is what I keep reminding myself.  What do I want more?


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