I am just like many men and women trying to beat a disease that is controlling our lives, Obesity.  I like to think I have a pretty good sense of humor about it but bottom line is that the fat that makes me look different then normal size people also leads my life.  Where I can go, what I can do, how people see me, the anxiety of going new places.

So I am about to change all that.  I am about to drive my family crazy and myself with a good sense of humor of having a weight loss surgery.  Let the good times roll!

Below is a list of steps I had to go through to get to this point if you are looking for a idea.  Please keep in mind I have a history of kidney stones, I have had a gallbladder and ovary removed.  I am diabetic but it is controlled without meds currently.  Everyone journey is different and you may have more or less steps.

  • Referral and First group meeting in January 2016. They said it could be a year wait.
  • I called in January 2017 because I had not heard anything in a year. They said they called me in Oct of 2016 but I never had a call or a VM message.
  • Meeting with Surgical Nurse February 2nd 2017
  • ECG was back in March 2017
  • Blood work was completed in mid April 2017
  • Urology was on May 2nd 2017, Kidney X-ray
  • 24 hr Urine collection on May 2nd 2017(completed)
  • Stomach and liver ultrasound was done on May 4th 2017
  • Dietician May 9th 2017
  • Psychologist May 9th 2017
  • May 21st 2017 CT Scan for closer look at Kidneys for stones. No stones.
  • Gastroscopy – June 8th 2017 at 12 noon
  • Sleepy Study is on June 6th 2017
  • Sleep Study Follow up for the sleep June 29th
  • Waited months for the Office to get all the results.  The most frustrating part of the complete journey.
  • Appointment with Surgeon which was actually a DR who assists the Surgeon. Signed consent paper work Oct 12th
  • Call to schedule Surgery for November 22nd On November 2nd
  • OptiFast Liver diet started November 4th 2017
  • Final group class and Preop appointment November 9th
  • Liquid diet only Nov 20th to midnight of the 21st.
  • Surgery Nov 22nd