OptiFast Cheating, Endoscopy, Day 13

I have been on OptiFast for 13 days now.  I am somewhat disappointed even though just the other day I was happy with it.  This is the life of a over weight person.  We like Miracles.  I have lost 16 pounds so far.  This morning the scale said 300 pounds.  That's 2 pounds per days.  … Continue reading OptiFast Cheating, Endoscopy, Day 13

OptiFast and Tinzaparin shots, oh my!

First let me say OptiFast is sooo much easier.  It was easy in the beginning then it got really hard for three days.  Now it is even easier then it was the first few days.  I am not sure if I was detoxing from the lack of carbs?  Or was it caffeine withdrawals?  I loved … Continue reading OptiFast and Tinzaparin shots, oh my!

Ikea and Swedish Legos

I love Ikea.  When we moved into our new home 4 months ago we purchased many pieces of furniture and some lightening.  Luckily my husband is amazing and can run electric, plumbing, gas lines, tiling and so many things..  he is a wizard.  We gutted this house and built it all back new.   I also … Continue reading Ikea and Swedish Legos

Family reunions, temptations and Opti-shakes

  Today is my second day of the Opti Fast and I was at a family reunion for 7 hours of the day.  I chugged down one shake, put the powder for another one in my purse and grabbed a vitamin water out the door.  I was about to enter a room full of people’s … Continue reading Family reunions, temptations and Opti-shakes