Leaves, Hunger and saying goodbye

Something hit me today. Yesterday was a day full of yard work and hunger.   A hunger so intense I had a good long think.  Yes, think. I was on day 6 of the Opti Fast and I was hungry.  This was real hunger not the bored  hungry.  I am on this Opti liver diet for … Continue reading Leaves, Hunger and saying goodbye

Family reunions, temptations and Opti-shakes

  Today is my second day of the Opti Fast and I was at a family reunion for 7 hours of the day.  I chugged down one shake, put the powder for another one in my purse and grabbed a vitamin water out the door.  I was about to enter a room full of people’s … Continue reading Family reunions, temptations and Opti-shakes

OptiFast with the smell of hotdogs

One shake, two shake, three shake, four. On November 4th I started my OptiFast Liver Diet.  If you have ever tried a Juice fast this OptiShake thing is cake, well not really but that would be nice too!  The OptiFast is designed to shrink your Liver and the fat around your liver and stomach.  Although … Continue reading OptiFast with the smell of hotdogs

The Phone Finally Rang

The phone call I have been waiting almost two years for finally came on November 2nd 2017. It was the surgeon’s office to schedule my weight loss surgery.  At first when I start in January of 2016 I was full of energy and excited.  Other the months I lost that and felt I was just … Continue reading The Phone Finally Rang

Yes, fat girls can run when waiting.

Watch out Uasin Bolt, I will give you a run for your money. I am waiting.  Every second, Every minute, Every Day.  For what?  A call from the surgeons office to give me a date for my weight loss surgery.  I have been waiting since early October.  I had a appointment with the surgeon but … Continue reading Yes, fat girls can run when waiting.